Nacara.ApiGen is in early beta.

It can already be used to produce API documentation, but changes in the generated files are expected in future version and it is possible that not every F# types are supported yet.


Nacara.ApiGen is a tool for generating API documentation from your code.

nacara-layout-standard is the package providing the standard layout when working with Nacara.

dotnet new tool-manifest # if you are setting up this repo
dotnet tool install Nacara.ApiGen


nacara-apigen generateds markdonw files that can be consume by nacara to generate the .html files.


# First prepare the DLLs and XML files
dotnet publish

# Run nacara-apigen
dotnet nacara-apigen \
    --project MyProject \
    -lib src/bin/Debug/netstandard2.0/publish \
    --output docs \
    --base-url /my-site/

Remember to have set <GenerateDocumentationFile>true</GenerateDocumentationFile> in your fsproj file to have the XML file generated.

CLI Arguments

Righ now nacara-apigen doesn't know yet how to read your nacara.config.json so you need to pass everything via CLI arguments:

  • --project or -p: The name of your project
  • --lib-directory or -lib: The source dierectory where your dlls and xml files are located
  • --base-url: Base URL for your site. The same as you configured in your nacara.config.json file
  • --output or -o: The output directory

In order to works, nacara-apigen needs to have access to all your project dlls and xml files., the easiest way to get them is to run dotnet publish before invoking dotnet nacara-apigen using the generated directory as source.

SCSS variables


Default: #a626a4

Control the color of the keywords.


Default: #c18401

Control the color of the types.