Nacara has several commands available.

Here is a list of the commands and their usage:

  • build : Build the website
  • clean : Clean up the generated files
  • serve : Serve the website locally
  • watch : Start the development server

You can use --help to get more information about a specific command.



Both build and watch support the --afterClean hooks which takes a command and will spawn it after the initial clean is done.

This is useful if you are not using SASS/SCSS to generates your website style.

Indeed, if you use TailwindCSS you can do:

nacara build --afterClean 'npx postcss style/main.css -o docs_deploy/style.css'

This will spawn postcss once the initial clean is done and then generates your website.

It is important that you place your command between quotes or singles quotes.

Watcher improvements

If you see an error like EMFILE: too many open files, you can try setting the CHOKIDAR_USEPOLLING environment variable to true.

Example: CHOKIDAR_USEPOLLING=true nacara watch

See Chokidar documentation to learn more about it.