Partials are small components which are used by the layout to give you control over a certain part of the page.

The most common usage for a partial is to add a footer to your website.

Look at your layout documentation to know which partials are available.

If you are a layout creator, learn more about how to access the partial by clicking here.


To create a partial you need to create a file under the docs/_partials folder.

For example, with the following structure there are two partials available:

  • footer
  • dropdown-1
└── _partials
    ├── dropdown-1.jsx
    └── footer.jsx

Writing a partial

When writing a partial you can use raw JavaScript or JSX. If you use JSX, you will need to setup babel.

The easiest way to do it is by installing @babel/preset-react and creating a babel.config.json file near your package.json containing:

    "presets": [