A literate file is a file ending with .fs or .fsx extension and which start with a front-matter block like this one:

layout: the-layout-name

Literate files are converted into markdown files before being processed by the Nacara as a normal markdown file.

They are really handy because:

  • You can use your code editor to get intellisense when writting the snippets
  • Compile or run the files to check for errors

To keep, the implementation simple, Nacara doesn't test the literate files against the F# compiler.

So if there is a syntax error Nacara will style transform the file.


You can decide to hide a code portion by using (*** hide ***)

(*** hide ***)

// This code is hidden
let answer = 42

From here the code is visible

Markdown blocks

Markdown blocks are defined by using (** ... *). Anything between these tags is going to be treated as markdown.

### This line will be converted to a header

This text is **strong** and this one is in *italic*