A page in Nacara is a Markdown file composed of two things:

  • Front Matter: configure how the page should rendered, for example it is here that you specify which layout to applied
  • Content: The markdown content to include in the page

Create your first page

Create a file docs/documentation/tutorial/my-page.md:

title: My page
layout: standard

This is a new page created for the tutorial.

The new page is available at http://localhost:8080/documentation/tutorial/my-page.html

Add your page to the menu

If you look on the menu in the left, you will see that your page is missing from it.

This is because you need to provide some information to Nacara via the menu.json file.

Edit the file docs/documentation/menu.json to add "documentation/tutorial/my-page" to it.

The file should look like:

        "type": "category",
        "label": "API",
        "items": [

You should now see My page in the menu.

Front matter

layoutXName of the layout used to render the page
titleOptional, title of the page